Globaltech Holdings, Inc.

(Small Business in a New Way)

Mission Statement:

Giving “Small Business” the tools of publicly traded companies in a conscientious, responsible way, thereby enabling business expansion thru debt free funding and business model analysis and solutions, to insure success!

Globaltech Holdings, Inc. focus is in the highly profitable Property Casualty/Life and Health insurance industry. Most insurance agencies are small entrepreneurs who employ less than 10 people. While their business provides a stable living for them, many of them struggle to grow because of under capitalization. Let’s face the facts, under capitalization is the number one reason most businesses fail. Many small business owners would love to expand their businesses but either do not have the borrowing capacity or the business knowledge to grow their small, privately managed entity.

As stated above, Globaltech Holdings, Inc. acquires small insurance agencies and funds their expansion thru stock offerings in addition to providing world class financial and managerial over site to insure a successful, planned growth of the acquired company. Our management team analyzes all aspects of potential acquisition companies and makes acquisitions of well managed, highly profitable companies who meet our investment criteria. In this way, management teams for each of the target companies remain intact and are thereby empowered to expand debt free. If funds for expansion are required, these funds can be provided thru shareholder investment or other means without company management being personally at risk.